>     >   2022年11月

Grade 4 - Understanding how the scientific method helps us use different materials to perform jobs

Within the Grade 4 How We Organize Ourselves unit, we have been looking at the scientific method and researching principles of hydraulics, pneumatics and physical properties of matter to better understand how science and technology improve our quality of life.

Grade 3 - Selling our drink products to specific demographic groups

In our Grade 3 How We Express Ourselves unit, students have been learning about how advertisements appeal to different demographic groups.

Students created their own drink advertisement posters and drink products which they were tasked to try and appeal to a certain age and gender demographic group. Students were so excited to advertise their drinks to grades 1, 2, 4 and 5 (their customers) to see which drink was most appealing for them to buy. Students then reflected on why they thought a particular advertisement and drink were chosen the most by each particular grade and gender.

This activity was a great opportunity for students to use their creativity, display their work to other students and to interact and engage with students outside the grade 3 classroom. It was wonderful to see the unique ways students were able to express themselves through what we have learnt in this UOI and to bring it to life. Thank you to all the other grades for sharing this classroom experience with us!