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Creating a community that has different institutions - Grade 3

In this How We Organize Ourselves unit, we have been learning about the importance of institutions and why people need them in order for society to run smoothly. Here, students have designed a community where they created several institutions and services that the local government provides and how it benefits the needs of their citizens. Furthermore, students thought of different rules and laws that would help make their community safe and protected.

Startup businesses - Grade 5

Within our How We Express Ourselves unit, and as a culmination of all our studies into economics, students designed a product that they thought might be popular with other students. Next, they carefully measures and counted the parts they needed to build their item and calculated the costs to produce it – all under a budget of 5000 yen. After that, students used their knowledge of advertising to create something the grab the attention of their customers, such as slogans, alliteration, strong colours and even celebrity endorsements! Finally, it was time for the customers to come in. The grade 3’s and 4’s all enjoyed the audio visual treats that the students had prepared and participated in ‘ordering’ the items they liked, or wanted the most. The grade 5’s supported our department store by taking on roles of customer service and security. All in all, everyone had a great time and the students were able to learn all about what it’s like to run a small business.


Codes, Algorithms and Human Expression in Grade 4

Here in Grade Four, within our How We Express Ourselves unit, we have been learning how language and code are different aspects of the same idea. We have been learning that codes and algorithms can be made from shapes, colors, words, numbers, etc. They are all valid ways to share ideas, information and feelings.