In July, we starting swimming at YMCA. Students change into their bathing suits before getting picked up at KIS. All students love the class and look forward to their time in the pool. Because the YMCA pool is heated, we will also be able to continue to swim even after it gets cold in the fall.

顕微鏡の植物観察 Part 2

Today, all students got to work in small groups with the microscopes and their Chromebooks. Instead of projecting the images onto the electronic whiteboard as we did on Friday, we worked directly on the students’s devices.
Students still need practice focusing the images of the objects they are looking at, but all students were very excited about getting hands on with the microscopes. Using the plants that they collected on Friday, students took numerous pictures of leaves and roots.


Continuing our study of plants, students viewed images of plants they found around the school magnified 300x via our USB microscopes.
We projected the images on to the electronic whiteboard, and all students were amazed to discover that the plant roots and leaves were covered in small hairs.
After this lesson, many students ran outside during the break to collect more and different types of plants. On Monday, we are going break up into small groups, working two to three students to a microscope, and study these other plants that students found.

図画工作 - Landscape Drawings

Students have been working on landscape drawings with trees and crayons.
As part of our study of art, Ms. D’Alicandro discussed the idea that each artist is unique and that students should not try to copy each other. Instead, students are encouraged to create their own unique art based on the principles that we are studying in each unit.

熊本インターナショナルスクール 開校記念シンポジウムのお知らせ:7/22(日)








2018.7.22 Event Flier Final


Students have been practicing for our sports festival later this month. The dance is an original choreography set to the song Aloha e komo mai.
Although we still have a ways to go in terms of timing, the dance is shaping up nicely. Three weeks and counting!


KIS students have collectively now read over 1000 books on their Chromebooks!

Students read a story of their choice each day. Stories are divided into 29 levels of difficulty, so each student reads books that are a perfect match for their current reading ability.

Students decided that we would plant carrots, lettuce, and cherry tomatoes in our garden. In preparation for this, students have been studying how to grow the vegetables and what tools we need to use.


プチ劇場 - Reader's Theater

Students practiced the mini play “City Mouse and Country Mouse” today in English class. Students enjoyed taking the different roles of the mice and the cat in the story.

理科 - Preparing to keep pets

Having studied what living things need to survive, KIS students are now ready to keep pets in the classroom.

From a large list of possible pets, students voted to keep fish, tadpoles, shrimp, and possibly clams in a aquarium.

Our class today was devoted to brainstorming how we will construct our aquarium to make sure that the needs of all of the animals are met – including the frogs who will need to be able to leave the water to be healthy.

The conclusion was to put a potted plant in the tank to allow the frogs to leave the water as they desire.

探求学習 - Inquiry Based Learning - Preparing to plant our carrots, lettuce, and tomatoes

As a continuation of our study of how we create healthy bodies, students are preparing to plant their own healthy foods – the class decided on carrots, lettuce, and cherry tomatoes.

In preparation for the planting, we read stories about how to grow vegetables.