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水の科学館遠足 - 2年生

Today Grade 2 went to the Water System Memorial Hall.

We received a lecture about where Kumamoto’s water comes from, how much we use in our daily lives, and ways to save water.

Grade 2 students were able to try three different types of water and try and guess which one was from Kumamoto. 

Next, our guides took us through the complex to see what kind of water pumps Kumamoto uses.

Finally, we went to the memorial hall to see what the old pumps and pipes looked like, as well as to learn about what kind of work went into fixing the water system after the Kumamoto Earthquake. 

After we thanked our guides, we met up with the Grade 1 class at the Water Science Museum. We had a picnic in the park and played on the swings there for a while until it was finally time to leave.

The students were very well behaved riding public transport despite being in transit over an hour.

All Grade 2 students really enjoyed the experience and have taken away a wealth of knowledge about Kumamoto’s water system.