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  • 新キャンパス(戸島)への移転 – 2023年8月
    1. 2023年8月の夏休み期間中に、新キャンパスのKIS本館(2階棟)に引っ越しを完了。
    2. 2023年9月より、戸島キャンパスの新校舎にて、KIS全クラスの授業を開始します。
  • 建物と土地
    1. 新キャンパス(戸島)の土地の広さは 3465 ㎡ / 1050 坪です。 敷地内には、3棟の建物が設置されます。建物の総合面積は595坪です。




Startup businesses - Grade 5

Within our How We Express Ourselves unit, and as a culmination of all our studies into economics, students designed a product that they thought might be popular with other students. Next, they carefully measures and counted the parts they needed to build their item and calculated the costs to produce it – all under a budget of 5000 yen. After that, students used their knowledge of advertising to create something the grab the attention of their customers, such as slogans, alliteration, strong colours and even celebrity endorsements! Finally, it was time for the customers to come in. The grade 3’s and 4’s all enjoyed the audio visual treats that the students had prepared and participated in ‘ordering’ the items they liked, or wanted the most. The grade 5’s supported our department store by taking on roles of customer service and security. All in all, everyone had a great time and the students were able to learn all about what it’s like to run a small business.








Google Map上の場所は、下記のリンクからアクセスしてご覧ください。


将来的には、IB以外の海外認定機関(Western Association of Schools and Colleges 『WASC』) 等や各種学校認定への申請も視野に入れており、基準に沿った形で設計を行っております。新校舎には、教室以外にも、理科室、美術室、図書室、音楽室、また会議室なども設置予定です。


Grade 5 - How We Organize Ourselves - Sensational Clickbait

For our UOI class, Grade 5 dug into how articles on the internet latch onto your attention via the ‘curiosity gap’. We learned that ‘clickbait’ is a deliberate exploitation of this phenomenon to trick you into clicking a link on a webpage.

We also learned that a lot of images on the internet are altered in some way to make them either more attractive, to deceive you, or just for the fun of it.

Students cut out pictures from a magazine the create a new altered image and attached a sensational headline to it. Unbelievable projects. You’ll never believe how they did it!


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