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概日リズム - 2年生 TDL

In our current TDL theme, we have been studying about Earth’s cycles circadian rhythms. 

One thing that we have been investigating is the idea that our body is better at certain things at different times of the day. So we put it to the test to see for ourselves.

We tested our reactions, strength and coordination once in the morning, and again in the afternoon to see if there were any differences. 

Our activities were:

  • Catching a ball with alternating hands
  • Dropping a ruler and catching it as quick as possible
  • Holding on to a bar in the park for as long as possible (not shown in the photos)

The students really enjoyed seeing the limits of their bodies in these three categories. So much so that they want to practice and improve each of these traits!

According to our research, our bodies should perform better later in the day; our results generally confirmed this to be true: we found the students did actually perform better in the afternoon.