>     >   How We Organize Ourselves(私たちは自分たちをどう組織しているのか)

How We Organize Ourselves(私たちは自分たちをどう組織しているのか)

Within the UOI unit: How We Organize Ourselves(私たちは自分たちをどう組織しているのか), the G1 students were investigating how people use technology to meet their basic needs. For an engagement on ways that technology saves people time, students were challenged to think of their own ideas for time saving inventions. It was decided that students would make their own versions of the “Anywhere Door,” a portal gadget made famous in the Doraemon comic books. Students painted and decorated their doors, then drew a picture of the location they would want to use the door to visit. Students voted and chose to name their invention the “Random Door” because their invention would allow them to visit random locations. Technology is constantly changing and continues to save us more and more time. Who knows, maybe someday we will really be using a Random Door to quickly travel to wherever we wish!