>     >   2018年7月


As part of our transdisciplinary learning theme investigating growing healthy foods, students planted lettuce, tomatoes, and carrots.  Each day, the helpers water the vegetables to ensure that they are properly looked after.  So far, the tomatoes have sprouted.

After the vegetables have grown and are harvested, students are planning on making a salad for the entire class.

図画工作 - 対称の学習

Students study art each week. The KIS art curriculum is rigorous and teaches students the fundamental principles that will allow them to express themselves with artistic expression and precision as they mature as artists.

Students have so far studied elements and texture and now, symmetry.


In July, we starting swimming at YMCA. Students change into their bathing suits before getting picked up at KIS. All students love the class and look forward to their time in the pool. Because the YMCA pool is heated, we will also be able to continue to swim even after it gets cold in the fall.