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Eden Hills Skype Session: School Life

On March, 15th, we had another Skype session with our friends in Adelaide, Australia. Our theme this time was “School Life.”

Because KIS students talked about Kumamoto during our last session, we started off this session by learning about our Australian friends’s home city of Adelaide. They showed us pictures of the highlights of their city, and briefly introduced them to us.

After that, KIS students talked about the differences between Japanese and Australian schools. Our students worked in groups, and with the help of the posters they made during TDL class, they explained about our school year, our school day, and our classrooms.


Grade 1 TDL Theme 4 - How We Express Ourselves - Final Assessment

TDL: Make Your Own Snack Box

For our final assessment in our fourth transdisciplinary learning theme, How We Express Ourselves, students were tasked with designing their own snack box. After having learned about how color and images support  communication in media, students studied how companies use these elements in their logos and advertisements. To demonstrate their understanding of these elements of media students created their own brand, logo and snack.  Students chose colors and images that they thought best represented their snack and would persuade customers to buy it. After planning and sketching their ideas, students put them into practice and created their very own snack box.