>     >   2018年11月



TDL 活動 「公園清掃」

As a wrap up of our third Transdisciplinary Learning theme How to Care for Our Environment, students lent a hand to help clean their local park. Having learned about the causes and effects of different types of pollution, as well as the 3 R’s (recycling, reusing, and reducing), students now understand that their actions can have a positive effect on their environment. Armed with bags labeled by recycling category, students put into action what they had learned in class and made their park a beautiful, clean place for everyone to enjoy.


“Minions, witches, and pirates oh my!” The students of KIS celebrated a spooky Halloween dressed up as some of their favorite characters and monsters. Students made eco-friendly halloween decorations by reusing toilet empty paper rolls. Afterwards they learned some “tricks” in order to earn their “treats.” Finally, students enjoyed listening to some ghoul-approved music, while getting their faces painted by the resident skeleton artist. The fun continued as students walked to Hearth Club proudly wearing their halloween costumes. Happy Halloween!