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Grade 3 - Selling our drink products to specific demographic groups

In our Grade 3 How We Express Ourselves unit, students have been learning about how advertisements appeal to different demographic groups.

Students created their own drink advertisement posters and drink products which they were tasked to try and appeal to a certain age and gender demographic group. Students were so excited to advertise their drinks to grades 1, 2, 4 and 5 (their customers) to see which drink was most appealing for them to buy. Students then reflected on why they thought a particular advertisement and drink were chosen the most by each particular grade and gender.

This activity was a great opportunity for students to use their creativity, display their work to other students and to interact and engage with students outside the grade 3 classroom. It was wonderful to see the unique ways students were able to express themselves through what we have learnt in this UOI and to bring it to life. Thank you to all the other grades for sharing this classroom experience with us!








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将来的には、IB以外の海外認定機関(Western Association of Schools and Colleges 『WASC』) 等や各種学校認定への申請も視野に入れており、基準に沿った形で設計を行っております。新校舎には、教室以外にも、理科室、美術室、図書室、音楽室、また会議室なども設置予定です。


Grade 3 Who We Are - Cultures around the world tell the same basic stories in different ways

As part of our Grade 3 Who We Are unit, we studied our theme of “Cultures around the world tell the same basic stories in different ways.”

Students studied the five basic elements of a story – characters, setting, plot, conflict and resolution.

Students were assigned a specific book and worked together in groups as they identified the elements. They also used their creativity to draw pictures representing the book they read. Furthermore, students gave a presentation on their “retelling hand” poster in front of the class. Everyone gave their best effort as they were tasked to give eye contact while speaking loudly and clearly for everyone to hear. Wonderful job Grade 3s!

UN SDGs & Renewable Energy Models - Grade 3

Grade 3 students are studying UN SGDs as a way to help the planet.  Within this, we are investigating ways in which renewable sources of energy are important as sustainable ways to help the planet as we combat climate change.  Working in groups, students made models of six different kinds of renewable energy sources: 1. Hydro Power Dam 2. Wind Turbine 3. Solar Energy Panels 4. Geothermal Energy Source (Volcano)  5. Wave and Tidal Energy 6. Biomass Energy

パラリンピックの目指すもの - Grade 3











UN SDG comics - Grade 3

Comic Strip SDGs – Right now, Grade 3 students are creating comic strips as we learn about UN SDGs. Student chose which SDG to base their comic on, and then planned and created their comics. Students did a wonderful job of engaging with the material and displaying an understanding of how the SDGs are intended to be a way for people to help the Earth.


Grade 3 PE - Handstands!

In PE, Grade 3 students are working Developing upper body strength and coordination. Students are working on handstands, they’re getting better and better as their upper bodies get stronger.


2022年度 新1年生、新2年生、新3年生、新4年生、新5年生の追加募集




児童は皆、絵本を大変気に入っています。今後、その絵本も参考にして、UN SDGs探究の単元の授業をより掘り下げて学べることを楽しみにしています。尾上さんには、絵本を寄贈して頂き本当にありがとうございました。