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Grade 4 - The cultures of the past and how they influence us

Within our Grade 4 Where We Are in Place and Time unit, students are investigating how cultures of the past influence us.  Currently, we have been researching where our modern culture comes from. We have been looking at cultural contributions like concrete from Rome, plowing from Mesopotamia and even festival culture from China! Here we are making Japanese Shi Shi Mai, which are influenced by China’s New Year Lion Dance.

Grade 1 Show and Tell - Where We Are in Place and Time

In our Grade 1 Where We Are in Place and Time unit, students are learning about different countries, cultures, and families. Students brought in items that represent their culture to share with classmates during Show and Tell. We enjoyed seeing a variety of Japanese traditional toys, Japanese and South Korean outfits, Taiwanese snacks, a Malaysian game called Congkak, and many other fun and interesting items. Thank you to all parents for the help and cooperation!