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On December 21st, our final full day of the school year, all students and teachers spent the day cleaning KIS.  Students worked very hard to clean all areas of the school and get ready for the new year.


TDL: Let’s Make a Salad!

In December, as a continuation of our second TDL themes, Let’s Grow a Garden, we finally harvested our vegetables!  Students have been watching the vegetables grow for the past six months, and they were very excited to finally be able to pull them up, wash them, and make a salad.

Students enjoyed getting their hands dirty as they dug up their vegetables. Each student made their own salad, choosing the ratio of tomatoes, lettuce, and carrots to their liking.  Finally, students enjoyed their healthy salad with their lunch.  Growing the vegetables for our salad gave students the opportunity to experience the positive results of hard work and patience as they waited the six months it took for the vegetables to grow.


Art Museum Field Trip - Journals

Following our trip to the Kumamoto Contemporary Art Museum on December 13th, students wrote journal entries about their most memorable experience at the museum.  Here is a sample of four of the entries:






12/13/18 - Field Trip : Contemporary Art Museum

Today, KIS students went on a field trip to the Contemporary Art Museum in downtown Kumamoto as part of our TDL theme on different media.  Students viewed the exhibit いろんなじじょう which explores the connection between colors and emotions, which is one of the central themes of our current inquiry.  Additionally, students got a behind-the-scenes view of the inner workings of the art museum when they were given a tour by the staff; students learned about where and how works of art in the museum’s care are stored.  Before returning to KIS, students and teachers enjoyed lunch in the Tsuruya department store.  All students had a great time learning about art and further drawing connections between various media.