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Catapults - understanding levers and simple machines - Grade 2 How We Organize Ourselves

Within our Grade 2 How We Organize Ourselves unit on simple machines, students are investigating how catapults use levers to throw objects.  Students worked in groups to make their own catapults and then experimented with using them to throw small objects.  Students were completed engaged in the activity and loved measuring how far their catapult could project different things.


UN SDGs & Renewable Energy Models - Grade 3

Grade 3 students are studying UN SGDs as a way to help the planet.  Within this, we are investigating ways in which renewable sources of energy are important as sustainable ways to help the planet as we combat climate change.  Working in groups, students made models of six different kinds of renewable energy sources: 1. Hydro Power Dam 2. Wind Turbine 3. Solar Energy Panels 4. Geothermal Energy Source (Volcano)  5. Wave and Tidal Energy 6. Biomass Energy